Plant-Based Weight Loss

Has Never Been More Fun!

Feeling like weight loss is harder than it should be?

Plant-curious but not sure where to start?

Try my simpler method!

You’ll get out of overwhelm and into action within the first few chapters.

Ditch the dieting roller coaster and enjoy a lifestyle solution

 that will leave you feeling better than ever.

If you’re willing to leave your shame, blame, and judgement at the door, I will help you squash your self-sabotage, kick your cravings, and catapult you on the path to the healthy happy life you deserve.

This version of a whole food plant-based program will empower you to create your rockin’ healthy body without starvation or deprivation. And hell NO you don't have to be perfect to get results!!

Take a heaping scoop of heartfelt compassion, add a dash of tough love, a kick in the pants, and you’ll erase your excuses and start reaching your weight loss goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Are You Ready For Real Results?

Grab the Audiobook for FREE!!

  • Let go of the all-or-nothing attitude
  • Adopt a simple and straightforward system for food
  • Take back control of your decision-making
  • Trask your progress so you can celebrate every step!

"It's more than a diet book!"

You'll also get access to amazing reader bonuses totally free:

  • The Audiobook: Listen chapter by chapter with the convenience of my free app!
  • The Workbook: Take simple actions with a step-by-step plan personalized to YOU!
  • PLANTS Targets Tracker: See your progress week by week
  • ​3-Day Detox Plan: Amplify your results with SIMPLY delicious food
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